AAXA P7+ Is A Tiny 1080P Android Projector 2023! Review, Pros and Cons

We have seen several portable projectors before, but it looks like AAXA has released the smallest and most advanced of them all. The new AAXA P7+ projector fits in the palm of your hand, but it has 1080P Full HD native resolution, 550 LED lumens brightness, a built-in battery with 150 minutes of battery life, and Android 10 operating system.

The new AAXA projector is already available on Amazon. However, before buying it, I invite you to watch a video review from GADGET CRUNCH. Let’s learn about the pros and cons of the AAXA P7+ projector according to this YouTube channel.

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Pros and Cons Of AAXA P7+

8Expert Score
P7+ Offers The Average Consumer The Freedom Of Portability

According to GADGET CRUNCH, the pros and cons of AAXA P7+ projector are as follows:

  • Many Inputs and Ports In A Small Body
  • Latest Generation of DLP Technology
  • 1920 x 1080p Image Without Upscaling
  • Upscale Up To 4K 30Hz
  • Deliver A Display Up To 200 Inches
  • Setup Is Very Easy
  • Tripod Provided Does Help With Stability
  • Manual Focus Achieved In Seconds
  • Built-In Android OS Is Going To Be A Huge Selling Point
  • Full Sized HDMI Port To Connect A Range Of Other Devices
  • The Image Is More Than Sharp Enough To Make Out Text and Gameplay
  • Wired and Wireless Screen Mirroring
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • Completely Useless With Light On Or Open Blinds
  • Built-In Speakers Aren't Really Good

Where To Buy AAXA P7+?

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