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DealsTherapy.com is a platform to search and compare the best tech deals at online stores: Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, GeekBuying, GeekMaxi, BuyBestGear, GoGoBest, Banggood, etc. You can compare prices, delivery terms and other important factors when buying a new device, such as electric bike, electric scooter, projector, power station, vacuum cleaner, earbuds, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and others.

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Senior author on the DealsTherapy platform. I've been interested in technology my whole life. I've bought and tested hundreds of devices, so I have experience finding any products cheaper. Right now I'm particularly interested in electric bikes, electric scooters, and charging stations. I keep an eye out for new products on the market and share them with you.

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Freelance author on the DealsTherapy platform. As a girl, I'm interested in designer accessories, but I feel like nowadays all accessories should be smart. Not just a bracelet, but a fitness tracker, not just an earring - but ear cuff earbuds. I'm also very interested in smartphones. That's why I'm searching for new fitness bracelets, smartwatches, earphones and smartphones for you.

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