What are the Pros and Cons of Formovie P1 Laser Projector? Video Review

As you may know, laser projectors have a number of advantages over lamp-based LCD projectors, such as brightness and cooling. In fact, laser projectors require much less cooling, so they are quieter than LCD projectors. This also allows laser projectors to be much brighter.

The new Formovie P1 is one of the most compact laser projectors, but it has a very good brightness of 800 Lumens. Although the projector has no built-in battery, it is equipped with a USB-C port, so it can be used from a power bank. It looks like a great projector for camping.

What are the other advantages and disadvantages of Formovie P1? Tech Brothers did a review of the projector on YouTube, and we can see what they think of it.

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Pros and Cons of Formovie P1

7Expert Score
I Don't Think You Will Find This Kind Of Image Among LCD Projectors

According to Tech Brothers, the pros and cons of Formovie P1 projector are as follows:

  • Affordable Price
  • High Quality Carrying Case
  • Compact Pocket Size
  • USB C Charging Port and Power Bank Support
  • Wi-Fi and Screen Mirroring Support
  • Only 35dB Noise - Almost Silent
  • Throw Ratio Is Very Good
  • Very Rich Colors
  • Very High Brightness
  • No Remote Control Included
  • Built-In Speaker Has Poor Quality
  • Pixels Are Visible at Close Range

Where To Buy Formovie P1?

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