ZEEMR Z1 Looks Premium, But What About Image Quality? Pros and Cons

All things tech reviewed the ZEEMR Z1 projector, and said it is the best looking affordable projector. The projector does look premium and expensive despite its affordable price. But what about image quality in the dark room and daylight, speakers quality, connectivity, settings, etc.?

By the way, ZEEMR Z1 has automatic focus and keystone correction. Do they work without any problems?

Let’s find out both the advantages and disadvantages of the ZEEMR Z1 projector according to all things tech.

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Pros and Cons of ZEEMR Z1

7Expert Score
For The Money This Thing Looks Fantastic!

According to all things tech, the pros and cons of Formovie S5 projector are as follows:

  • Looks Absolutely Fantastic
  • Manual and Auto Focus and Keystone
  • 800ANSI and 1080P Resolution
  • Delivers A Pretty Good Picture
  • Unique Home Screen
  • Air Play and Screen Mirroring
  • Bluetooth Speaker Mode
  • Affordable Price
  • Image Is A Little Bit Darker
  • Image Washes Out Once The Blinds Are Opened
  • Speaker Could Be A Little Louder

Where To Buy ZEEMR Z1?

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