XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In-Depth Review: Robot Projector with IMAX Enhanced Certification

XGIMI RS 10 Ultra is a new 2024 Dual Light 2.0 triple-color laser projector. It is the brightest home TV projector available today. The RS 10 Ultra’s contrast ratio is greatly improved. It also features Dolby Vision and IMAX certification, optical zoom, and an electric gimbal.

The projector is designed for medium to large living rooms, home audio-visual rooms, and other spaces with professional needs.

I would like to call this projector a robot because it automatically rotates 360 degrees to find the best location for projection.

So, you have a short idea about the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector, now let’s talk more about it.

XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review


      • Product name: XGIMI RS 10 Ultra 4K

      • Product size: length 325mm; width 190mm; height 283mm

      • Product gross weight: 11.68kg

      • Product origin: Mainland China

      • Noise (dB): <28dB, @1m

      • Display technology: DLP

      • Display chip size: 0.47”DMD

      • Projection light source: LED+laser hybrid

      • Optical zoom: supports

      • Native resolution: 4K

      • Maximum resolution support: 3840×2160

      • Recommended size range: 60-150 inches

      • Installation method: table front projection; ceiling-mounted front projection; ceiling-mounted rear projection; table rear projection

      • Throw ratio: 1.2:1 ~ 1.5:1

      • Display ratio: 16:9

      • MEMC: supports

      • 3D playback: supports

      • Focus: automatic

      • Keystone correction: six-way correction  

      • Intelligent obstacle avoidance: supports

      • Voice remote control: near field voice

      • Video interface: HDMI 2.1

      • USB interface: USB2.0 x 2

      • Audio output: 3.5mm / fiber optic two-in-one interface  

    Where To Buy XGIMI RS 10 Ultra?

    Premium Metal Body and 360-Degree Electric Gimbal

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector has received significant changes in design. Misty gold body and unique wood grille became the main colors. The projector is mounted on an electric pan and tilt base.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The remote control and power adapter are the same as the XGIMI RS Pro 3. They are white, which is more suitable for home use.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The front panel has a 4K projection lens, as well as a 3D ToF and light sensing lens. There is also an engraved logo of the IMAX Enhanced certification.

    A large area under the lens is decorated with a hollowed-out wood grain grille. If you look closely under the grille, you can see Harman Kardon dual speakers.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The sides and top of the projector are made of nano-level matte texture with a soft touch. It doesn’t leave fingerprints on it. In addition, it is easy to wipe, keeping the body clean and neat.

    The power interface is located at the bottom of the gimbal so that it does not interfere with the power cord when the gimbal is rotating.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Two USB 2.0, optical fiber audio ports, two HDMI, and HDMI 2.1 (HDMI CEC and HDMI eARC) are among the interfaces of the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    One of the main features of the new XGIMI projector is an electric 360-degree rotating pan and tilt gimbal. It automatically rotates 360 degrees to the left and right to find the best projection area. However, you can also use the remote control to manually rotate the gimbal. 

    What is the Problem with Triple Color Laser?

    From design, let’s go straight to technologies.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Why are tri-color laser projectors praised and criticized at the same time? Their advantages are better color gamut coverage, brightness, and contrast, while their disadvantages are a narrow spectrum that causes the light sources to directly interfere with each other. As a result, we get speckles, matting, colored edges, etc. These problems affect the viewing comfort of the projector.

    The two high-end projectors launched by XGIMI in 2023 – XGIMI H6 Pro 4K and XGIMI RS Pro 3 – use hybrid light source technology, which has the brightness and color gamut of lasers and the comfort of LED light sources. They have no problems with a speckle or matte feeling when viewed with the naked eye, while the color gamut and color accuracy are still high. The mixed light source is the best solution for personal use.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    XGIMI has now integrated the benefits of continuous spectrum into triple-color lasers. The new XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector uses Dual Light 2.0 tri-color laser technology, which is a true solution to the natural speckle defect of pure triple-color lasers.

    Dual Light 2.0 Technology

    The first generation of Dual Light is a hybrid of 1 laser and 4 LEDs with a continuous dimming spectrum. As for Dual Light 2.0, it uses four-color bidirectional filter fusion technology and three-color laser excitation multiplexing technology. Part of the laser light source in the triple-color laser is extracted and decomposed, and fluorescence with broad spectral characteristics is excited independently.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The customized narrow spectrum and wide spectrum combination effectively integrates the continuous fluorescence of the wide spectrum with the red, blue, and green lasers of the narrow spectrum, resulting in a natural continuous spectrum that is comfortable and healthy. The result is more outstanding and comfortable than traditional triple-color laser image quality. XGIMI has more than 60 patents for this architecture.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Eye Protection Certification

    The eye-protecting Dual Light 2.0 triple-color laser has no color fringing problem after naked eye testing and cell phone photography. When reproducing white photos, there is no matte texture or broken speckles.

    According to the press conference and product certification guidelines, XGIMI RS 10 Ultra has received SGS certification for no visible spots and color boundaries, eye protection certification from the National Eye Engineering Center, and VICO A+ level comfort certification from Bid Winning Institute. For the same viewing time, the viewing comfort and eye protection effects are more than worthy of a recommendation!

    IMAX Enhanced Certification

    IMAX Enhanced is a home theater solution created jointly by IMAX and DTS. Products with the IMAX Enhanced logo typically feature vibrant colors, higher contrast, extra-large format, better clarity, and sound quality capable of achieving immersive effects, extra-large format, and exclusive content.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The projector must have certain parameters to receive IMAX Enhanced certification. The support for HDR10/HDR10+ and DTS:X is one of the main requirements. Many smart TVs already have IMAX Enhanced certification, for example, SONY, TCL, Hisense, and Xiaomi. Among the projectors, there is only a Sony and the new XGIMI RS 10 Ultra.

    Dolby Vision Certification

    The XGIMI RS 10 Ultra is the third projector after the XGIMI H6 Pro 4K and XGIMI RS Pro 3 with Dolby Vision certification and Dolby Vision HDR support.

    What is this concept? Virtually all DLP projectors, including those from XGIMI, are only labeled as supporting HDR movie decoding but do not have HDR effects.

    Dolby Vision is the highest HDR standard after HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. Projectors that support Dolby Vision decoding and presentation deliver maximum brightness, local contrast, and rich colors close to those seen by the human eye, resulting in realistic images.

    3500CVIA Lumens Brightness

    There are two models of XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector. The RS 10 Ultra Collector’s Edition has a maximum brightness of 3500 CVIA lumens, while the RS 10 Ultra Standard Edition has a peak brightness of 3200 CVIA lumens. According to the CVIA lumen standard, the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra has become the brightest triple-color laser projector on the market now.

    Let me give you another comparison picture. The image on the left below is the low-light projection that most people have in mind. It cannot be used at all during the day without fully closing the curtains.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    On the right, the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra 100-inch white-walled living room can be viewed directly in the living room during the day without drawing the curtains. There is no need to create a dark environment during the day or night, so using this projection will not affect daily life.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    You can also see the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra 120-inch projection with lights on at night.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    When the lights are turned off, brightness adaptation is automatically turned on.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Contrast Ratio of 2000:1

    Contrast is one of the basic parameters of all display devices, including projectors. A high contrast ratio allows you to increase the depth of field of an image and make characters appear more three-dimensional. It can maintain high bursts of brightness without losing dark details.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The contrast ratio of the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra has been significantly improved, increasing the contrast ratio of the main triple-color laser from 1000:1 to 2000:1. This contrast level is superior to most hard-screen IPS monitors.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The reason it can achieve a natural contrast ratio of 2000:1 is because of the use of a high-performance MCL laser. Secondly, it has Eagle-eye hardware-grade optical components. The exclusive lens is laser-tuned to improve image sharpness. Thermal Adaptive Optical System improves the lens’s thermal stability, ensuring it doesn’t go out of focus during long viewing periods.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    In addition, like the XGIMI RS Pro 3, it features a fully automated bionic cat-eye aperture that further balances the quality of the projected image between brightness, color, and contrast.

    110% BT.2020 Color Gamut Coverage

    The color gamut coverage of XGIMI RS 10 Ultra has also been raised to 110% BT.2020. This value is comparable to traditional projections such as 3LCD, and it directly kills most conventional DLP and 1LCD projections.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    A New Generation of 3D TOF

    5 years of data training and accumulation of algorithms allowed XGIMI to be the first company to launch wall color adaptation in 2 years. Combined with the new generation of 3D TOF, its perception capabilities have been greatly improved.

    Overall, I believe that the ambient light sensing ability adapts to the ambient light to adjust the brightness, and the human body recognition by the eyes is accurate.

    Optical Zoom is Necessary for Flagship Projectors

    The optical zoom is one of the most important features for any flagship projector in 2024. For example, the traditional projectors from Epson, BenQ, Sony, and JVC with self-developed optical and mechanical components are almost all equipped with optical zoom as standard.

    Optical zoom allows you to zoom in or out without quality loss while the projector is in the same position.

    Why You Need Optical Zoom

    The optical zoom is very important because the width of the living room is generally between 3 and 5 meters. Of course, the room width can be larger in the house. When installing a ceiling-mounted projector above a 4-meter sofa, the default projection size is 150 inches. If you want to zoom the screen to 100 inches, you must use optical zoom or digital zoom. If you use digital zoom to zoom from 150 inches to 100 inches, you will lose 55% of the image quality and brightness!

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Is Digital Zoom Bad?

    Digital zoom is achieved by first shooting and then cropping, and intelligent keystone correction algorithm. It is like first taking a photo at a fixed resolution and then compressing the image and distorting it into a square curtain.

    Therefore, the larger the reduction factor, the greater the loss of image quality. After this calculation, the screen display delay will be increased. When using digital zoom, some projections will no longer support 3D and motion compensation.

    Why is Optical Zoom Lossless?

    Because optical zoom zooms in and out of the image by changing the true position of the lens and moving it. This is equivalent to walking up and taking a photo of a distant shot in person, except this position shift happens inside the lens, you don’t have to walk up to take the photo. After optical zoom, the brightness of the projection will not be lost but will improve even more.

    Like the XGIMI H6 Pro 4K and XGIMI RS Pro 3, the new XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector has 1.25x optical zoom. Its throw ratio is 1.2-1.5:1. The projector can throw a 100-inch screen without loss between 2.65 meters and 3.31 meters.

    21:9 Ultra-Wide Movie Format

    When we watch movies on TV, we are often frustrated by the large black frames at the top and bottom of the screen. This is because most theatrical blockbusters are shot in a 21:9 aspect ratio.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The special feature of the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra fully automatic gimbal is that it automatically recognizes the video aspect ratio. After turning on the giant screen mode, it will automatically find a suitable wall and automatically extend the length of the screen. The giant 21:9 aspect ratio screen with no black bezels gives us a bigger, more immersive cinema-quality viewing experience.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The Electric Pan/Tilt Gimbal is Something Impressive!

    Regardless of the impact of side projection on image quality, the PTZ function is very useful! It doesn’t matter whether you place the projector on a table or the ground, whether the position is too high or too low. 

    The hanging projector can be positioned manually by selecting up or down projection, and the screen will be automatically adjusted after projection.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra not only supports automatic intelligent projection correction but also automatic offset correction. It also automatically scans the white wall in front after power on or offset to calculate the best placement area, and then uses the automatic control function to automatically search for the curtain and automatically project the image.

    The XGIMI RS 10 Ultra gimbal has a manual gear shift system inside and an electric turntable at the bottom, so the projector can provide automatic steering. The fully automatic electric adjustment provides rotation of 135 degrees up and down and 360 degrees left and right.

    Hardware and Smart System

    The hardware of the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra is as follows: 4GB memory, 128GB storage, Android 9.0, Bluetooth 5.2, and dual-band Wi-Fi. The projector uses the GMUI 6.0 user interface, but I hope the global version will support Google TV or Android TV.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    All the projectors from XGIMI have no startup ads. After booting, the main user interface has a common tiled layout of top, bottom, left, and right content. However, as I said before, the global version of the projector should have a Google TV.

    Like the XGIMI H6 series and XGIMI RS Pro 3, the new XGIMI RS 10 Ultra has excellent video playback and decoding capabilities. It can easily handle videos of various specifications in different encoding formats, frame rates, and bit rates with up to 4K resolution.

    Harman Kardon Speakers

    The XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector is equipped with dual 12W Harman Kardon speakers. It supports a variety of smart lyrics modes, as well as 4 audio modes, such as 3D beautiful sound, super bass, pure vocals, and HiFi live.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    I feel like my stupid ears have finally heard the difference between good speakers. The highs are clear, the vocals are crisp, and the bass is deep.


    Here is a summary! After nearly two weeks of use, the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector surprised me.

    First, its light source is a Dual Light 2.0 triple-color laser based on the hybrid dimming continuous spectrum route. The combination of customized narrow spectrum and wide spectrum produces a comfortable and healthy natural continuous spectrum and ultimately achieves more outstanding and comfortable image quality than traditional triple-color lasers. There are almost no colored edges or spots, and no grainy feeling in the picture, as well as the phenomenon of reddishness when shooting with a smartphone.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    Secondly, the projector uses 28 cinema-grade MCL lasers, which increases its native contrast ratio to 2000:1 and brightness to 3500 CVIA lumens, making it the brightest 4K projector now. As for the image quality, the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra projector comes with Dolby Vision and IMAX dual certification. It also supports 110% BT.2020 color gamut coverage and a color accuracy of △E<1.

    The biggest innovations of the new XGIMI projector are 1.25x lossless optical zoom, adaptive ambient light brightness, electric pan/tilt gimbal with fully automatic adjustment up, down, left, and right.

    XGIMI RS 10 Ultra In Depth Review

    The only disadvantage of the XGIMI RS 10 Ultra is its heavy weight because of the all-metal body. However, it provides good heat dissipation. The projector also doesn’t have USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi 6, but that’s not a big problem.

    Otherwise, XGIMI RS 10 Ultra is a combination of the most advanced technologies available in the projector market of 2024.


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