Vidda C1S In-Depth Review: Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector!

For a long time, the light source of projectors has been dominated by light bulbs or LEDs. However, they have some disadvantages, such as brightness and color performance. 

Therefore, projectors based on triple-color laser technology began to gain popularity. They have much higher brightness and color saturation than LCD projectors. In 2023, the triple-color laser light source has become the first choice for mid-to-high-end projectors.

Vidda C1S

When it comes to laser technology, we have to talk about the brand Hisense. In this field, Hisense has been settling for 16 years and has become the setter of international laser standards. It has a national R&D center and the world’s first ambient light laboratory. It holds more than 2,030 laser display patent technologies, as well as won two CES awards, playing a pivotal role in the industry.

Relying on the advantages of the parent brand’s laser technology, its subsidiary brand Vidda has launched a 4K triple color laser projector C1S.

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Why a Triple-color Laser Projector?

Everyone knows that laser is currently the light source with the highest color purity. If you want to maximize the true color of the projector, triple color laser is the best solution now.

Vidda C1S

Because the monochromatic laser has only one blue light source, different color states are achieved by piercing through the fluorescent color wheel, so the color display will be poorer. The triple-color laser does not need a fluorescent color wheel, so the color performance is closer to the real natural color seen by the human eye.

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector

The Vidda C1S projector also uses triple-color laser technology, and I believe it can make people’s eyes shine in terms of overall performance. 


First, the shape of the Vidda C1S projector is very square, and the overall design concept is based on simplicity.

Vidda C1S

The front adopts a metal wire drawing process around the projection lens.

Vidda C1S

On both sides of the lens are ToF sensors and cameras, which can automatically adjust focus and avoid obstacles.

Vidda C1S

On the top is a control panel, including a power button, pause button, volume up/down button, and indicator light. The four small round holes are the microphone openings for voice.

Vidda C1S

You can see the JBL logo in the lower right corner of the Vidda C1S. I learned from the official website that this projector uses JBL custom speakers, and it has been tuned by Harman Kardon. I believe it will perform very well in terms of sound quality.

Vidda C1S

On the back of the projector are a power supply, two USBs, two HDMI, optical fiber, earphones, a network, and other interfaces. There is an infrared receiver above the circular decorative button.


Vidda C1S is equipped with a new generation of triple-color laser optics. It also has a 0.47-inch DMD chip from Texas Instruments to achieve 4K ultra-high-definition resolution. Even if it reaches a 100-inch giant screen, the image is still very clear.

At the same time, Vidda C1S has passed the test of the National Radio and Television Inspection Center, and its brightness reaches 1600ANSI.

When the curtains are opened in the living room during the day, the performance of Vidda C1S is quite surprising. Although the details of the dark part are lost, the bright part of the image is very good. 

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector
The Curtains Are Opened

After closing the curtains, the image quality is improved. We can see the details in the dark part of the picture. However, it is still slightly different from the image in total darkness at night.

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector
The Curtains Are Closed

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector
At Night

The brightness of the Vidda C1S is very good, which solves the problem of being unable to watch the projection during the day.

Image Clarity

In terms of image clarity, Vidda C1S has increased the number of laser chips to 18. It is equipped with a 0.47-inch DMD chip to make the image clearer. As shown in the picture above, after the image is enlarged twice, the details are still fine, and the performance is still very good.

Vidda C1S

As mentioned above, Vidda C1S is based on triple-color laser technology. The brightness has been significantly improved, and the color gamut has also been increased to 110% BT.2020. 

First, let’s take a look at some static pictures. We can see that the colors are very rich. Using triple-color laser technology, the projector has the most realistic colors.

Vidda C1S

Vidda C1S

Vidda C1S

Vidda C1S

In addition, in the starry sky picture, you can feel the high contrast ratio of 1600:1 of the Vidda C1S. The details in the dark part of the picture are relatively deep. The bright part is very transparent, showing the details of the starry sky vividly.

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector

Vidda C1S projector has 110% BT.2020 ultra-wide color gamut, 10Bit 1.07-billion color high color depth, and high color accuracy of ΔE≈0.9. These specifications have brought us into a new era of high-quality images.

Vidda C1S In Depth Review Improved Version of Popular Triple Color Laser Projector


When we go to the theater to watch movies, in addition to watching high-definition images on a giant screen, the overall sound effect of the theater is especially important.

In order to allow Vidda C1S to have a theater-level immersive experience, JBL HiFi speakers were specially customized and tuned by Harman Kardon. The projector is equipped with two powerful 10W speakers with a maximum volume of 90 dB.

Vidda C1S

Vidda C1S also supports Dolby+DTS dual decoding, as well as DTS Virtual X 360° surround sound, Dolby DAP cinema-level immersive sound, and Viper sound triple sound.

You can even use the Vidda C1S as a Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is also very good, especially the human voice. There is a strong sense of separation between the human voice and the musical instrument, and you can feel a good sense of space.

Eye Protection

Compared with LCD TVs, projectors are less harmful to your eyes. Vidda C1S has passed the TUV low blue light eye protection certification, reducing the harmful blue light band from the source. It actually achieves “0” harmful blue light, so the projector protects the eyes of viewers, especially children.

Vidda C1S

Vidda C1S also has an eye protection function. When human activities are detected, the brightness will be automatically reduced not to hurt your eyes.

Auto Focus and Keystone Correction

The Vidda C1S has wider application scenarios than TVs because it can be moved from one room to another and placed in different locations. The projector has high-precision autofocus and intelligent automatic keystone correction. 

Vidda C1S

The keystone correction and focusing speed are very fast. If there is an occlusion in the projection, it can also automatically detect and avoid objects such as switches and bookcases to preserve the integrity of the image.


Although Vidda is a young brand, it relies on technical research and development by Hisense. In actual use, Vidda C1S breaks the ceiling of the image quality of home projectors with its triple color laser technology, increases the brightness to 1600ANSI lumens, and demonstrates an image quality comparable to OLED technology.

Vidda C1S

In addition, Vidda C1S has been upgraded to JBL HiFi speakers, which are tuned by Harman Kardon, allowing users to realize their dream of owning a laser cinema at home.

Finally, I believe that once Vidda enters the smart projection industry, 4K triple-color laser technology will be more and more accepted by users. This brand can play the leading role in various scenarios such as home and office, becoming a dark horse in the industry.


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