Viewsonic X1-4K Projector Is Better For Gaming Than TV! Review, Pros and Cons

Viewsonic X1-4K is the latest gaming projector of the brand. Please do not confuse it with Viewsonic X1. They are different projectors. The new Viewsonic X1-4K is the world’s first projector designed for Xbox. However, you can also use it with PlayStation and PC.

The main features of the new Viewsonic projector include native 4K resolution, 2900 Lumens brightness (by the way, Viewsonic X1 has a higher brightness of 3100 Lumens, but 1080P native resolution), HDR and 3D Support, Advanced Third Generation LED technology with 60000 hours light source life, and many other features.

What makes Viewsonic X1-4K a gaming projector? Or is it just marketing bait? Can you use the Viewsonic X1-4K projector for home cinema, or is it just for gaming?

A new video on Geek Street YouTube channel gives all the details of the new Viewsonic projector, including the pros and cons. Let’s get to know them.

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Pros and Cons of Viewsonic X2-4K

9Expert Score
I'm Really Impressed With The X1-4K Gaming Projector From Viewsonic

According to Geek Street, the pros and cons of Viewsonic X2-4K projector are as follows:

  • Picture Quality Is Good Giving Great Contrast Levels and Color
  • Even In A Well-Lit Room The Quality Is Good
  • The Speakers Give Really Good Sound Quality Providing Some Depth As Well
  • Backlit Remote
  • Gaming Is Smooth With No Shuttering Or Screen Tearing
  • No HDMI 2.1 Support
  • No Android OS

Where To Buy Viewsonic X2-4K?

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