How To Choose Electric Toothbrush in 2020 – TOP 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Between the electric and manual toothbrushes is a real war. The trophy in this battle is the purity of our teeth and the money spent on the purchase. Why doesn’t someone like a manual toothbrush? It is simple, convenient and inexpensive. Also, it cleans well. Everything is true, but everything is not so simple.

The world famous brand Oral B conducted a study among its customers and found out a curious detail. It turns out that we spend an average of 46 seconds on brushing our teeth. Dentists are categorical in this matter – it takes at least 2 minutes. And it’s not that we are too lazy to brush our teeth longer. Few people notice the cleaning time, and our internal clock is usually in a hurry during teeth brush. It turns out that we do not reach 120 seconds.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

In this situation, buying an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer is extremely relevant. The timer is only one of the reasons for buying electric toothbrush.

Do you want to know the other benefits of smart electric toothbrushes? Let’s look at the features of electric brushes and review the most popular models in 2020.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes have several advantages over manual ones:

  • Monitoring the duration of teeth brush. Many electric toothbrushes are equipped with a timer. It will notify you when the recommended cleaning time has ended.
  • Efficiency. Electric toothbrushes are more “sensitive” in matters of oral hygiene. Especially when it comes to removing food debris from hard to reach areas. The head of an automated toothbrush rotates hundreds of times faster than the manual toothbrush.
  • Easy to operate. Removing plaque using electric toothbrushes will not require significant effort.
  • Cleaning technique. Just brushing your teeth for 2 minutes is not enough. It is important to do it right, i.e. observe the cleaning technique. Often people clean the upper and lower incisors and pay little attention to the back teeth. We can also put a lot of pressure on the brush, trying to clean out everything that we can reach. That’s just the enamel from such pressure deteriorates. An electric toothbrush has the real intelligence and will solve these problems for you. With strong pressure, it will weaken the speed and begin to “resent” through the indicator (lights up red).
  • Practicality. On electrical devices, you can use different types of heads. This means that several people can use one toothbrush at once, and just replace the head.
  • Motivation for children. Children usually brush their teeth without enthusiasm and try to “slope” from this procedure. In such situations, the electric toothbrush will come to the rescue. After all, children and adolescents love all kinds of gadgets. If the brush can also be connected to a smartphone… You can arrange a competition for brushing your son or daughter. Some models of toothbrushes with Bluetooth support track the quality, time and regularity of reading and record all the achievements in a special application.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

How to Choose Electric Toothbrushes

When choosing an electric brush, consider the condition of your teeth and gums. Before buying, it is better to consult a dentist. Perhaps an electric toothbrush will not help you at all. If you still want to buy it, then you should look at these features.

Cleaning modes

Two categories of electric toothbrushes are distinguished based on the direction of movement of their bristles. The latter can make rotational movements or move from bottom to top. In the first case, the bristles slowly move from tooth to tooth. Vibrating movements from top to bottom resemble the technique of cleansing teeth with manual toothbrushes.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Types of Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are distinguished by the speed of movement of the bristles. They are standard sonic and ultrasonic.


The round head of toothbrush can make 5000-30000 vibrations per minute. The movement of the head is regulated by the board, which is located in the handle of device. These toothbrushes are powered by batteries. Toothbrushes are suitable for use by children or people with sensitive gums.


The principle of operation of sonic electric toothbrushes lies in the effect of sonic vibrations – from 19000 per minute. These toothbrushes remove 70% of plaque. The bristles of sonic toothbrushes are located at a distance of 2-3 mm from the surface of the teeth. This technology helps to clean gums and tooth pockets without damaging the enamel. Another advantage is the high speed. Thanks to it, a uniform foam is formed from oxygen, saliva and paste. This cocktail gently and effectively cleans teeth from all sides.


Ultrasonic toothbrushes use ultrasonic wave. They operate beyond the limits of human hearing. A brush is considered ultrasonic if it generates a sound wave with a frequency of 20000 Hz or more. Sound waves break the chains of bacteria that provoke plaque even at a distance of 5 mm from the tooth surface. The ultrasonic toothbrushes effectively fights mineralized and pigmented deposits, eliminates pollution even from hard to reach places.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Head shape and dimensions

It is better to choose toothbrushes with a rounded small head. It reduces the risk of injury to the oral mucosa. It is good if the product has a rough back side – this will further protect the mucous membrane.

Adults can use head models with a size of 25-27 mm. If you choose a toothbrush for a child, pay attention to products no larger than 22 mm.

Bristle stiffness

The degree of flexibility of the bristle affects the quality of cleaning hard to reach places. The best bristle stiffness for brushing healthy teeth is average. The brushes effectively remove plaque and prevent the formation of solid deposits.

Soft bristles are suitable for children or adults with sensitive gums and teeth.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Bristle material

More often, the bristles of electric toothbrushes are made of synthetic pile. The material is durable, budget, and most importantly – there are no pores in artificial villi. Natural bristles are suitable for allergy sufferers. But this material has a shorter service life and higher price. In addition, natural bristles are an ideal medium for the growth of bacteria.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Additional Functions

Additional functions include:

  • Timer. The smart electric toothbrush itself turns off when it considers the brushing process completed. This option protects the enamel from accidental damage due to unnecessarily long cleaning.
  • Pressure Sensors. Models with this function can adjust the head rotation rate. At the moment of excessive pressure on the enamel, the brush itself reduces the force of impact. The toothbrushes are more expensive than usual, but protect the gums and enamel from injury.

The Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2020

So, we have choosed one mechanical and several sonic electric toothbrushes. These models are the best in the ratio of price – quality. All electic toothbrushes from this article have many accessories and very easy in operation. Which electric toothbrush is right for you?

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX9352/04

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

This is an electric sonic toothbrush with a stylish design and many features. Two heads comes in the package. The first gently whitens the teeth, while the second is equipped with medium hard bristles, and it is suitable for almost any user. DiamondClean provides 31000 vibrations per minute, and has 5 modes:

  • daily;
  • delicate;
  • massage;
  • whitening;
  • polishing.

Philips Sonicare is conveniently controlled using the touch screen, which is located on the handle. The device is powered by a battery.

The charging base is made in the form of an original glass, which is connected to the socket via a USB cable.  To start charging, put the toothbrush in a glass.

The Smart Timer Pause ensures efficient and proper cleaning. After a while, the function will turn off the device. The special indicator will notify the owner of the need to replace the head. A compact travel case is included with the brush, which allows you to take the product with you on trips.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX9352/04 costs $130. This is the most expensive toothbrush in our article.


  • many cleaning modes;
  • timer;
  • cleaning efficiency;
  • USB charge;
  • travel case.


  • price;
  • lack of pressure sensor.

Hapica Ultra-fine

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Budget and functional sonic electric brush. Effectively and quickly destroys plaque and prevents the development of dental diseases. Hapica Ultra-fine is recommended for people suffering from high tooth sensitivity. Ultrathin bristles of different lengths clean even the most inaccessible spaces and periodontal pockets. The speed of the toothbrush is 7000 per minute.

Hapica Ultra-fine is an easy-to-use toothbrush equipped with one standard cleaning mode. 1 head is attached to the device. The product is powered by batteries. Its robust plastic case is protected by moisture.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

You can buy Hapica Ultra-fine for only $20.


  • price;
  • ease of operation;
  • cleaning efficiency.


  • few modes;
  • 1 head.

CS Medica CS-333

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

This is a sonic toothbrush with medium hard bristles. The toothbrush makes 31000 vibrations per minute. Hypoallergenic bristles made of nylon, gently treats enamel, well removes plaque and massages gums. It is suitable for people with sensitive gums and teeth. Different lengths of bristles contribute to the effective cleaning of the interdental space.

The model is equipped with an intermediate timer (30 seconds each). This function allows you to evenly distribute the time for each section of the treated area. After 2 minutes of cleaning, the product turns off independently. If desired, brushing can be continued by pressing the power button.

The model has 5 modes:

  • Training. Lets you get used to the toothbrush. This mode allows you to gradually increase the intensity of brushing your teeth.
  • Daily. Designed for regular cleaning, evening and morning.
  • Polishing. Gives teeth shine.
  • Whitening. The brush thoroughly cleans the plaque and gives the teeth a whiteness.
  • Massage. With this mode, you can massage the gums.

The toothbrush is powered by battery. It is fully charged in 16 hours. CS-333 is convenient to store in the bathroom using a special stand (supplied). Among the shortcomings is the only one head.

The price of CS Medica CS-333 starts at $55.


  • cleaning modes;
  • cleaning efficiency;
  • auto power off mode;
  • timer.


  • 1 head;
  • lack of pressure sensor.

Oral-B Pro 500 CrossAction

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

This toothbrush is affordable and it is easy to use. The number of oscillations of the bristles is 9000 per minute, ripple – 20000 per minute.

The professional Cross Action nozzle provides the maximum degree of toothbrushing. The bristles are located at an angle of 60 degrees. The reciprocating pulsating movement of the head allows you to penetrate into inaccessible areas and remove more dirt. The 3D function helps the bristles brush the teeth at once from all sides. Pulsating impulses of the head destroy plaque, and rotational movements remove it from the enamel surface.

A built-in timer every 30 seconds notifies you that it is time to proceed to brushing the next tooth. After 2 minutes, the brush will remind you to finish cleaning.

Among the shortcomings is the poor package contents and noise during cleaning. The brush is powered by a battery. The charging time is 24 hours.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

The average price of Oral-B Pro 500 CrossAction brush is $30.


  • price;
  • cleaning efficiency;
  • timer;
  • presence of a pressure sensor.


  • 1 operating mode;
  • 1 head;
  • noise during operation.

Revyline RL 010

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

This is the best electric toothbrush in 2020. It is very popular with many buyers. It is presented in three colors: black, pink and classic white. The toothbrush control is extremely clear and is carried out with two buttons. The package contents include 3 heads.

The device operates in 5 modes:

  • Clean (regular cleaning);
  • Polish (enamel polishing);
  • White (whitening);
  • Sensetive (recommended for people with tooth and gum sensitivity):
  • Massage (gum massage).

A charging base is attached to the brush. Through a cable, it can be connected to any appliance that has a USB port.

The battery of the Revyline RL 010 is fully charged in 8 hours. The charging indicator will inform you about the need to connect the toothbrush to the power.

Among the shortcomings can be noted unreliable brush attachment to the base – the device must be placed on a flat surface. It is convenient to store the brush in a plastic case. In addition to the main unit, 2 interchangeable heads are also placed here.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

The price of Revyline RL 010 starts at $40.


  • many cleaning modes;
  • interchangeable heads;
  • rich package contents;
  • cleaning efficiency.


  • unreliable base location.

Some buyers are afraid to buy an electric toothbrush due to various fears. The main one is a buzzing motor. Do not worry, the bristles, although spinning at high speed, will not harm enamel or gums. Products of well-known manufacturers are tested by professional dentists, and therefore you should not be afraid of electric toothbrushes.

Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Another fear is associated with the design of the toothbrush. Users are afraid that water will get into the product and an expensive device will fail. But modern electric toothbrushes are reliably protected from moisture. You can even swim in the sea – they are not afraid of water.

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