Redmi Projector Pro In-Depth Review: The First Redmi Projector Surprises!

The market of projectors is mainly divided into DLP and LCD, and the last one is more popular, because the entry-level projectors use this technology.

Projectors under $200 in 2022 have big problems with specifications, because some of them have high resolution, but low brightness, while the others have low resolution and high brightness. You can even find a projector under $150 with native Full HD resolution and, 15000 Lumens brightness, but it will have the projection quality lower than a more expensive BenQ projector with 720p resolution and much lower brightness.

In order to deal with these problems, Redmi entered the projector market for the first time with the new Redmi Projector and Redmi Projector Pro. In this article, we will talk about Pro version.

Although Xiaomi has launched many projectors, it is the first projector under Redmi brand.

The new Redmi Projector Pro has the highest brightness level for an LCD projector at this price range.

At the same time, the new projector has 1080P native resolution and 1.2:1 projection ratio, which can project from 40 to 100-inch screen size with a maximum projection size of 120 inches.

Redmi Projector Pro should be the bestseller on the market of budget projectors, because it also comes with some flagship features, such as smart omnidirectional automatic correction, real-time automatic focus, and smart automatic obstacle avoidance.

As for the lifespan, Redmi Projector Pro has reached a total usage time of 15000 hours. That means you can watch two movies for about 4 hours a day, and the projector will run for 10 years.

OK, let’s talk about design, projection quality, user interface, and other features of Redmi Projector Pro 2022.


The front and side of the box of Redmi Projector Pro are still very simple, mainly introducing its main features, such as automatic focus, automatic calibration, and automatic obstacle avoidance.


You know, the body of Redmi Projector Pro has a round shape. It is also quite compact projector. The size is 129.5 x 117 x 79.4mm. The weight is 1.2kg, so you can carry it with one hand.

The front side has a glossy design, and it looks very stylish.

Redmi Projector Pro REVIEW: The First Redmi Projector Surprises!

The lens on the front has 1080P physical resolution, and 1.2:1 projection ratio, which can project the screen from 40 to 100 inches.

Integrated with a zoom motor, the projector has automatic real-time focus and autofocusing function at startup. Even if the position of projector is changed, it can provide users with the clearest image.

It also integrates an intelligent visual obstacle avoidance system, which can perceive the space in real time. The projector avoids foreign objects such as switches, sockets, picture frames, and ornaments on the wall, and finds the largest projection range to ensure that the picture is complete and unobstructed.

The new Redmi Projector Pro projector uses a single fan + dual fans for the whole system. There are grid openings on both sides, which can significantly improve the heat dissipation performance and reduce the temperature.

There are also two built-in 3W full-range speakers, which provide good audiovisual effects with the WANOS panoramic sound technology.

If you are worried that dust will enter the body of the projector, do not worry, because Xiaomi cooperated with Yishu Technology to customize a new closed design, which has passed IP5X dustproof test. It can effectively prevent dust from entering the projector body.

On the back, we can see four interfaces, such as DC power, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack.

In addition to the power button on the top, there are two microphones to support far-field voice, and you can call Xiao Ai voice assistant with one click.

At the bottom of the projector, there are screw holes in the middle, so you can install it on the tripod.

By the way, 65W charger included in the package.

A pair of AA batteries is also included, so you can quickly install them on the remote control, and start using a projector.

Projection Quality

Redmi Projector Pro is a budget projector, but it has a good brightness of 150ANSI Lumens. This is more than enough to watch movies in a dark environment.

Let’s take a look at the projection quality of Redmi Projector Pro.

You can see that Redmi Projector Pro has the best image quality with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 in low-light environment.

When the light is turned on, the projected image has a slight loss in contrast and brightness, but it can still be seen clearly.

By the way, I also want to show you the comparison of $400 projector with 750ANSI Lumens brightness, and Redmi Projector Pro with 150ANSI Lumens. The last one is the Redmi Projector Pro. As you can see, the new Redmi projector has a good performance on the same 60-inch screen size.

You know, the image of Redmi Projector Pro has more accurate color temperature on the white screen, so it is better to find a white wall or to buy an additional fabric screen.

In a dark room, the color performance of Redmi Projector Pro is accurate. You know, this budget projector really has native Full HD resolution, because the image is clear.

Autofocus Test

Redmi Projector Pro supports four installation methods: desktop front projection, desktop rear projection, ceiling-mounted front projection, and ceiling-mounted rear projection.

You can use any of these methods, because the projector supports autofocus and auto keystone correction. You know, these functions are mostly available on the high-end projectors, and it is very rare on budget projectors, like Redmi Projector Pro.

It also supports obstacle avoidance. If an obstacle is detected on the wall, such as socket, Redmi Projector Pro will automatically adjust the screen size to project a more suitable screen.

When it is first powered on, Redmi Projector Pro automatically focuses and corrects keystone.

User Interface

The first Redmi projector has just been released in China, and there is no global version yet. So, it has only Chinese user interface.

However, you can install any third-party apps using an external U disk, such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.


Redmi Projector Pro supports screen mirroring function. You can use Android and iOS devices to mirror the screen from the smartphone on the big projection screen.


When Redmi entered the smartphones and smart TVs market, it focused on the budget segment.

The first Redmi projector is also budget, but it has good features, such as autofocus, auto keystone correction, auto obstacle avoidance, and even good projection quality.

In addition, unlike the other cheap projectors from unknown manufacturers, Redmi Projector Pro has passed many different tests, such as 10000+ keystroke tests, 24-hour salt spray test, -25℃-65℃ high and low temperature test, IP5X dustproof test, 120+ days continuous working. The burn-in test also provides a long warranty of up to 24 months.

I think that Redmi Projector Pro is designed for young people, for example, office workers and students with limited budget, but they want to try new experiences brought by projectors.

Talking about the price, Redmi Projector Pro is available in China for 1599 yuan or $220.

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