Does NexiGo PJ40 Have The Best Speakers Among Budget Projectors? Review, Pros and Cons

NexiGo PJ40 is the latest projector so far from NexiGo Company. Its specifications and features are very good for the price, such as native 1080P resolution, 600ANSI brightness, auto vertical keystone, and zoom correction, up to 300 inches screen.

However, the most exciting feature of NexiGo PJ40 for me is the 20W built-in speakers. You know, sound plays a very important role when watching movies, and if the projector has a high-quality image, but weak speakers, the whole impression of the projector is spoiled. Of course, there is a solution – to connect external speakers, but it is an additional inconvenience.

What about NexiGo PJ40? Does this projector have good sound quality? Let’s get an opinion from FishBee Productions, who recently posted a video with a full review of the new NexiGo projector.

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Pros and Cons of NexiGo PJ40

9Expert Score
It's Got To Be One Of The Top Five That I've Tested

According to FishBee Amazon Reviews, the pros and cons of NexiGo PJ40 projector are as follows:

  • Many Connections, including Ethernet port, two USB ports and two HDMI ports
  • Miracast, AirPlay and iOS cable Smartphone Connection
  • Adjustment of Fan Speed
  • Many Settings
  • Text Looks Pretty Sharp
  • Playing Games Without Lag and Delay
  • Overall Picture Quality Is Very Nice
  • Good Choice For Watching Streaming Services
  • Speakers Are Nice and Loud
  • Missing Of Auto Focus

Where To Buy NexiGo PJ40?

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