How To Buy On Alibaba Using App on Smartphone 2020

Guys, today I want to tell you how to make orders on Alibaba using smartphone. Many people have already asked me to do this.This is tutorial how to buy on Alibaba through the app. I recommend you use Alibaba app if you’re going to buy on Alibaba often. I don’t really use the desktop version, because it is a little more complicated. I just use the mobile app, it’s easier for me so.

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

Alibaba app looks like this. First, I want to do a quick review of Alibaba app. There are many products on the main screen. If you see something you like, you can just click on it.

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

You can chat or buy right now. I recommend chat with seller, because very often there is no option to buy it now.You can also search an item so that’s what I’m going to go ahead, and just to show you guys how you actually make an order on Alibaba using the app.

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

Okay, so I’m gone go ahead and search Smartwatch. These are all the smartwatches out of first cell. 

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for is going to be on this page you can look through the pictures if you’d like. You can read about features of smartwatches. There is also information about supplier response rate, response time. Then it gives you similar items on the bottom as well.If you want to make an order, chat the supplier now.

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

You can just write “how much would it cost for 35 units of your smartwatch?”. You have to write about quantity, because the price differs from the number of items. Don’t just ask “how much for Smartwatch”. I also mention in the chat “I use DHL Express”. That’s a shipping company. I always use PayPal to send the money.

Alibaba Tutorial How To Make An Order On Alibaba

Actually, Alibaba sellers often ask me to pay via Western Union any other payment method. I don’t even mess with them, just I say no. Only PayPal. I also mentioned I’m located in the US because they might ask you for your address. There’s to get a more accurate price on shipping.

Search for product chinese store

I send the same message to few suppliers on Alibaba, because some of them don’t reply. In addition, if you send a message to more than one seller, you can understand who will respond faster and who you can trust. I trust those who do their job quickly and efficiently. However, you should not forget about time zone. It is different in China and your country.After chatting with seller and agreeing on the details of quantity and delivery, you can pay for the order.

How To Make An Order Chinese store

I’ll just go to PayPal, and send the money. Don’t worry about paying 3% on PayPal fee, because if there will be any problems with Chinese supplier on Alibaba, you will get refund. One of my friends actually sent $15,000 through Western Union, and he was deceived. That’s why I recommend everybody to use PayPal just to be on the safe side.We have already posted the article on our platform how to avoid cheating and scammers when buying on Alibaba.If you have any more questions, write in the comment section. I’ll be able to help you guys out.



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