Is Dangbei Neo Smart Projector OVERPRICED? Video Review, Pros and Cons

Dangbei advertises its new projector as the first DLP Netflix Projector in the world. It sounds very pretentious, doesn’t it? Dangbei Neo projector does have pre-installed Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and other apps. The smart system interface is very similar to the Android system, but it is actually Linux.

The other features of Dangbei Neo projector include 1080P native resolution, 540 ISO brightness, up to 120″ screen size, automatic focus adjustment and keystone correction, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

You know, the audio system is very important for any projector. Dangbei Neo is equipped with dual 6W speakers, and it supports Dolby Audio.

On paper, the new Dangbei projector looks very good, but is it good in practice? Let’s get Gizmochina’s opinion. A new video on YouTube talks about the advantages and disadvantages of Dangbei Neo.

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Pros and Cons of Dangbei Neo

10Expert Score
This Projector Will Probably Be The Choice Of Most People

According to Gizmochina, the pros and cons of Dangbei Neo projector are as follows:

  • Small Size Allows You To Take It With You Wherever You Go
  • 1.4KG, So I Can Easily Lipid It With One Hand
  • Matte Finish Looks and Feels Much Like Metal
  • Dual 6W Speakers Are Dolby Certified, Which Is Enough To Ensure Your Most Basic Audio And Vide Experience
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Pre-Installed
  • Projector Supports Installing Apps From App Store
  • DLP Projector Has Much Better Projected Quality Than LCD
  • Very Long Lifespan - 30,000 Hours
  • Maximum Brightness of 540 ISO Lumens
  • If You Do Have Higher Demands For Image Quality and Brightness, Dangbei Mars Pro Would Be A Better Choice

Where To Buy Dangbei Neo?

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